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    From Salem Witch-Hunts to Modern Courtrooms

    by Hans Sebald

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    • Language: english
    • ISBN: 9780879759650 (0879759658)
    • Release date: March 1, 1995
    • Format: hardcover, 258 pages
    • Publisher: Prometheus Books
    • Author: Hans Sebald

    About The Book

    The period of persecution and execution of so-called witches stands as a venomous chapter of Western civilization. The participation of small children and adolescents, whether as the accused or as the accusers, was pivotal. It linked the power of the inquisitor to the fates of many unsuspecting men and women — people who often became hapless victims, devoured by a ravenous inquisition that stretched across two continents.

    Dr. Hans Sebald maintains that the classic “Salem syndrome” is anything but past history; it is frequently re-enacted in the modern courtroom. We observe children as they accuse others of molesting or seducing them within a public mind-set that is predisposed to believe them. Why would they lie? A mythomaniacal child — one who has not yet fully recognized the contours of reality — is in a position to wreak havoc on the lives of innocent persons. And it matters little whether the authorities are judges, juries, inquisitors of centuries past, or counselors and therapists of more recent vintage.

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